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The Rig For Your Mate Challenge: Hate Or Great? – That Pedal Show

April 24, 2020

We choose four pedals for each other while playing each other’s main guitar and amp. What could possibly go right?

This is the audio from our video here: 

Welcome to the show. Regular viewers will know that Dan and I both have a strong 'home' when it comes to our main guitars and amps. In Dan’s case it’s a Fender Telecaster and his Matchless C30 amp. For me it’s a Stratocaster and my Two Rock Classic Reverb Signature. People have been asking how we might fare playing each other’s main gear… so that's what we're doing. And just to make it more interesting, we also choose four pedals for one another that will hopefully challenge and inspire in equal measure. Join us as we go through the selection process and skate out on to the thin ice of each other’s gear.

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