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Rabea Massaad Pedalboard Build 2020 – That Pedal Show

April 3, 2020

Welcome! In this episode we are delighted to welcome our old mucker, Rabea Massaad back to the show. Not only is Rabea genuinely among the best humans we know, he’s also a truly gifted, creative and inspirational musician. Rabea uses TheGigRig G2 at the heart of his live pedalboard for his band, Toska… but the whole board was in need of an update, rewire and refresh.

Time to get to work Dan… Rabea plays through the Toska track ‘Prayermonger’ at the end of the show. He literally stood there and played the guitar parts over a backing track. We watched totally agog!

Please check out Toska’s music:

COVID 19: Before you lambast us for not socially excluding, read this… This video was filmed before the UK lockdown measures. As I explain in the intro, Rabea was on his way to us when the UK government started making noises about being careful about travel around March 16/17. The actual instruction to stay at home did not come until March 23 in the UK. As of that date, we have been working from home and self-isolating in accordance with the government instruction and advice.


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