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Plugged In Acoustic 2

September 28, 2018

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Amplifying acoustic guitars is a problem area for literally anyone who plays live with the ol’ flattop. Dan and I both do our fair share of acoustic gigs so we thought we’d start looking at some basics, many of which we covered in Part 1.
In this episode we extend our look at some floor-based devices to help enhance your plugged-in sound, alongside some more general tips, ideas and discussion around the whole subject. We chose the LR Baggs Align Series pedals because they’re new, and the T-Rex SoulMate Acoustic because it’s what Dan uses live. So without further ado…

Pedals and amps in this episode
• LR Baggs Align Series Session
UK & Europe:

• LR Baggs Align Series Equalizer
UK & Europe:

• LR Baggs Align Series Reverb
UK & Europe:

• T-Rex SoulMate Acoustic

• AER Compact 60 III
UK & Europe:

• Mesa Boogie Rosette 300 Two:Eight

Guitars in this episode
• Martin OMC-28E with LR Baggs Anthem pickup system

• Martin OM-18E with LR Baggs Anthem pickup system

• Collings CJ35 with K&K Pure Mini System

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Interesting bits and go-to sections…
- Introduction and hello! 00:00
- What kind of dog is that? 1:25
- But if you could have any dog… 2:00
- What are we doing today anyway? 3:20
- Today’s guitars & pickups & amps: 4:00
- Martin OMC-28 - AER Compact 60 3: 6:07
- LR Baggs Align Series Session with Martin/LR Baggs Anthem: 7:27
- …and with Collings CJ35/K&K Pure Mini: 11:40
- LR Baggs Align Series EQ: 12:50
- Key acoustic guitar frequencies? 14:40
- Dan loves bass! 15:42
- LR Baggs notch filter for feedback rejection: 20:30
- LR Baggs Align Series Reverb: 23:20
- T-Rex Soul Mate Acoustic: 30:50
- Effects in the Soul Mate: 35:19
- T-Rex Modulation/chorus: 39:27
- T-Rex Compressor: 40:35
- The perennial struggling of volume differences between picking and strumming: 41:55
- T-Rex Soul Mate Boost: 42:34
- T-Rex Soul Mate Looper: 45:10
- LR Baggs Session into T-Rex Soul Mate Acoustic: 47:30

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