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Our 10 Favourite TPS Moments Of 2020

January 8, 2021

This is the audio to our video here:

While the UK enters another Covid lockdown, let’s look back at the fun we had last year!


Interesting bits and go-to sections

Intro & welcome: 00:00

Dan’s Reaction To A Cranked Super Reverb: 02:10

Vintage Tonebenders At Macaris: 05:40

The Jam In The Massive Reverbs Show: 10:53

Comfort Zone Challenge: 14:55

Mick’s Strat Journey: 17:30

Liv’s First Solo & The Practise Vlog Jam: 21:06

Neville’s Murphy Aged Les Paul Goldtop: 27:03

Rabea’s Board Build & The Live Track at the end: 30:50

Doing G3 Stuff: 42:23

Simon Neil At TPS: 45:30


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