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New Year Resolution Wins & Fails

January 15, 2021

We made some new year resolutions in 2020 – did we succeed with them?

Welcome to the show! Yep, we’re still in lockdown so we can’t be in the same room. Thusly, we are chancing a thoughtful look rearwards at our resolutions for 2020. How did we fare?

Interesting bits and go-to sections

- Intro & welcome: 00:00

- Dan Experiment With Valve Preamps: 00:38

- Mick Use Delay Before Overdrive: 05:38

- Dan Continue Working On My Jazz: 10:53

- Mick Keep Working On My Mental Health: 15:00

- Dan Finish My EP, Better Tones At Home: 31:49

- Mick Play The Damn Piano: 33:39

- Dan Acquire An Old Tele: 35:24

- Mick Solve The Strat Problem: 37:46

- Dan Start Gigging Again: 42:27

- Mick Enjoy The Guitar Again: 44:00

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