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Guitar Overdrive Pedals [Gain, Hard/Soft Clipping, Headroom, EQ & All That] – That Pedal Show

June 26, 2020

Why do the classic OD pedals – Tubescreamer, Bluesbreaker, Klon, RAT and others – sound like they do? Join us as we unravel what’s going on.

This is the audio from our video here:

Interesting bits and go-to sections…

Intro playing: 00:00

What are we doing today? 02:00

Today’s amps: 03:40

Boss SD-1w: 04:40

Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer: 05:50

Klon Centaur: 06:32

ProCo Rat 2: 08:25

Boss BD-2w: 09:40

BD-2, Rat, TS808, SD1, Klon compared: 10:35

What happens in a normal OD pedal?: 11:55

What is gain?: 15:50

How is overdrive created?: 19:15

Hard and soft clipping: 21:45

MI Effects Super Blues Pro: 23:40

Symmetrical/asymmetrical clipping: 24:30

Different types of clipping: 28:45

Summary so far, on to EQ: 38:15

1KHz mid boost: 42:00

The Tube Screamer mid hump: 48:25

EQ – thump, nose, bite, air: 54:10

Hamstead Odyssey and EQ placement: 55:00

Walrus Ages: 1:04:12

What is headroom: 1:12:45

Slew rate and dynamics: 1:14:45

Voltage & headroom: 1:20:30


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