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10 More Things You Asked Us To Try – That Pedal Show

September 11, 2020

You ask, we answer: let’s talk about a Maxon SD-9, Flatwounds on the Jazzmaster, the Strat middle pickup, a Mesa Boogie Mark I lead tone and plenty more…


This is the audio to our video here:


- Intro playing: 00:00

- What are we doing today? 02:13

- 1. Mick, Plat The Middle Pickup On The Strat: 02:55

- 2. Play Wet-Dry With One Amp Only: 07:45

- 3. Try The Automatone As A Proper Preamp: 14:08

- 4. Try A Staple P90 In The PRS McCarty: 20:30

- 5. Explain A II-V Change: 26:32

- 6. Try Flatwound Strings On Your Jazzmaster: 34:00

- 7. How Do You Make A Chorus Not Sound Cheesy?: 42:22

- 8. Play A Maxon SD-9: 47:20

- 9. Can You Get The Mayer IDLMWLY Tone?: 54:28

- 10. What About The Boogie MkI Lead Tone?: 1:03:54


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